Sustainability approach

Stakeholder engagement

Polyus constantly seeks to engage and build respectful, transparent and mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders, address their concerns and expectations — and keep them informed of the Company’s activities. Understanding our stakeholders and their values and needs is of the utmost importance to Polyus.

Stakeholder group Key concerns of stakeholders Engagement mechanisms Responsible within
the Company
Shareholders, lenders,
  • Long-term value by ensuring consistent financial returns
  • Annual general meetings
  • Regular hard-copy and electronic communications
  • Regular meetings with institutional shareholders
  • Internal newspapers
  • Top management
  • Investor Relations function
Government and regulators
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Environmental and social performance, fiscal regimes
  • Agreements on social-economic partnerships
  • Charity and sponsorship initiatives
  • Conferences and forums
  • Government Relations function
Employees and contractors
  • Health and safety
  • Working conditions
  • Career opportunities
  • Wages, benefits and social packages
  • Training and education
  • Direct communication with employees through immediate supervisors and management
  • Corporate newspaper: ‘Territory of Polyus’
  • Internal web portal
  • Operation-based newsletters
  • Security hotline
  • Confidential feedback boxes
  • Corporate sports and cultural events, professional competitions
  • Volunteer projects
  • Employee surveys
  • Contractual relationships
  • HR and Organisational Development function
  • HSE&SD function
  • Operations and Technical function
Local and indigenous
  • Potential environmental and social impacts
  • Employment opportunities
  • Infrastructure development
  • Newsletters and targeted communications
  • Public hearings and meetings
  • Confidential feedback boxes
  • Charity activities
  • Social programmes
  • Public Relations function
  • Government Relations function
  • Supply agreements
  • Payment processes
  • Tenders
  • Contractual relationships
  • Workshops
  • Commerce and Logistics function
NGOs and industry
  • Social and environmental performance of operations
  • Mitigating non-financial risks
  • Industry-specific issues
  • Regular interaction with relevant national and international organisations
  • Public Relations function
  • Government Relations function
  • Broad range of issues reflecting all stakeholder interests
  • Press releases, briefings
  • Presentations and interviews
  • Site visits
  • Public Relations function