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Focus on health and safety: Search and rescue training at Natalka

Occupational safety at our production facilities is an absolute priority for Polyus. For this purpose, the Company conducts training of its emergency response services across all its assets on a regular basis.

The employee emergency response team at Natalka is made up of two employees, Roman Kurbatov and Grigory Kozyrev. They supervise a dispatching room and arrange the 24-hour schedule for emergency vehicle drivers. The remainder of our response team are external (surveyors, drivers, bulldozer operators, etc.)

With the aim of enhancing the skills of all the rescuers, Polyus has developed a Search and Rescue Arrangement and Management training course for 20 specialists at Natalka, supervised by a representative from the Civil Safety Training Centre, Andrey Atkin.

As part of the training, employees learnt to operate rebreathers and practiced conducting search and rescue expeditions in the event of accidents at hazardous production facilities.

In addition to a workshop on operating rebreathers, the emergency response team received response plan training in the case of an oil spill.

Roman Kurbatov, Engineer, Emergency Response Team:

A hard drill makes for an easy battle. It is our firm hope that the skills gained during training and modelling various emergencies will never be applied. At the same time, everyone understands the importance of regular HSE training.