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Magadan: Polyus teaches children household and industrial safety guidelines

Mining engineers gave a comprehensive safety lecture to high school students from Ust-Omchug. This is the first time such an unusual lesson took place, but regular safety classes are now planned. Polyus Magadan employees showed students how to use household appliances safely and delivered guidelines for playing outdoors.

The lesson took place in the school’s assembly hall, as the regular classroom did not have space for all of the participants in the class, who wanted to learn more about risks and safety measures.

Vladlen Brin, Head of the Health and Safety Department at Polyus Magadan, commented:

Children aged 10-15 years are very active and full of energy. They can run, jump, bounce around and ride bicycles almost non-stop. The most important thing is their safety indoors, while using hot water or electrical devices, and outdoors, where road accidents and falling from height are among the most significant risks to children’s safety. Therefore, pupils should know how to stay safe.

We speak about electricity hazards, safety rules on icy surfaces and for using appliances, and traffic rules for pedestrians.

After the lecture, the lesson became a discussion with the pupils, and bicycle and scooter riders had many questions for the presenters.

Ekaterina Bryzgaleva, a school pupil from Ust-Omchug, commented:

It is important for me to learn that it is better to avoid cycling or scooting along the roads even in our small town; it is dangerous as there is no pavement. Accidents may occur here because of the number of vehicles on the road.

Following the event, Polyus employees handed out souvenirs to the children — reflective signs and flashlights should help remind the pupils to follow safety guidelines.

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