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Polyus awarded by KMPG for promoting best HSE practice

Polyus has been recognized by KMPG for its efforts in facilitating and promoting best practice in occupational health and safety.

The Company received the award for its “Work Safely” project. This project involved implementing an information campaign, aimed at encouraging safe working behavior among employees.

Roman Dertinov, Director for HSE&SD at Polyus, commented:

We organized data related to major incidents caused by unsafe employee behaviour, and developed instructive visual aids based on this.

Our goal was to develop simple, vivid and easy to understand materials to visualize correct actions using minimal amounts of text. These would remind our employees about the necessity to be attentive and responsible when it comes to their own safety in their daily routine and in carrying out every single task, regardless of their basic level of preparedness. Achieving a zero injury rate at our operations is of the utmost importance for Polyus, and ensuring our employees have access to clear and regular instructions is an integral part of this approach.