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Polyus Krasnoyarsk employees use a chatbot for submitting their suggestions

At Krasnoyarsk Business Unit, a chatbot has been launched to facilitate submissions for innovations or improvement. The software is based on Viber messenger, which provides quick and easy submissions through a personal cell phone or tablet.

A chatbot is a convenient tool that is available to all employees. All they need is to install Viber on a mobile device, scan the QR-code, enter their employee ID and follow the prompts.

Suggestions for any innovation or improvement can be submitted in as little as five minutes. The software offers employees the option to attach pictures (before and after improvements) and pinpoint geolocations, as well as quick feedback to senders.

Sending messages on health, safety and environment (HSE) is set to be the next function. Any employee who has faced any HSE challenges or identified a breach of the HSE rules and regulations, will be able to report it immediately, through an anonymous messaging service. Incentives will be offered for the best HSE initiatives.

Dmitry Zamyatin, Director for Operational Efficiency at Polyus Krasnoyarsk, commented:

We want to keep with the times. People are accustomed to using gadgets. This is now the fastest channel of communication. Our employees no longer need computers or paper; they can even submit their suggestions while off-duty. Once an idea comes to mind, employees can send it via the chatbot, and receive feedback.