Best available technology

We aim to lead our industry in Russia in adopting the best available technology principles (BAT). BAT refers to those technologies that are most effective in protecting the environment and conserving resources, and which are economically viable, [readily available], and have already been successfully adopted by at least one business in the industry.

With the BAT Bureau, we believe it is necessary to develop a separate technical reference guide on the best available technologies in gold mining. This proposal has been supported by the Union of Gold Producers and [Polyus has since formed a special group], “Technical Working Group 49” focused on developing a technical reference guide: Precious Metals Mining. The technical working group and Company experts have drawn on Polyus’ vast experience in order to present detailed commentary and recommendations as part of this document.

Since 2016, we have been working to ensure that our activities comply with the legislative requirements that apply to the transition to BAT, including registering relevant enterprises with the supervisory authorities. [As part of this] we are focused on preparing our operations for future integrated environmental permits.