Water resource management

We are committed to sustainable water resource stewardship. Along with other environmental issues, water-related issues and risks are overseen by the Chief Operating Officer and the Operations Committee of the Board of Directors of Polyus.

When Polyus joined ICMM, we committed to responsible water management in keeping with the approach formulated in the ICMM Position Statement.

Our priority is to reduce the amount of water used per unit of output. To achieve this goal, we:

  • control our water consumption
  • implement water-efficient processes at our enterprises
  • aim to increase the percentage of water that we reuse

Currently, approximately 90% of all process water at our operations is recirculated and used again.

New water is increasingly sourced from the quarry drainage systems and, to a lesser extent, is taken from groundwater sources and surface streams.

Water is purified before it is discharged into aboveground bodies of water: water treatment facilities are upgraded or new facilities constructed at all of our operations, as necessary.

Furthermore, we continuously monitor the quality of groundwater and streams aboveground at our production sites at accredited laboratories, including mobile labs. This is to ensure that any impact from our operations on the water quality does not exceed regulatory limits, and at the same time enables us to identify potential issues as they emerge, and take immediate, corrective action.

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