Health and safety

Health & Safety

Occupational safety is a crucial consideration for any business. At Polyus we ultimately strive to achieve a zero-injury rate.

Polyus has developed and launched a complex Injury Prevention Programme based on the key risks typical to the gold mining industry.

One element of the Programme involves regular behaviour-based safety audits aimed at identifying potentially unsafe behaviour and using data to shape positive professional behaviour patterns in the workplace.

Thanks to consistent monitoring, we are able to identify basic workplace risk factors and take preventive measures, including holding lectures and training sessions.

At Polyus we also take the health of our employees very seriously. Our health protection philosophy has three basic elements:

  • Occupational hygiene and sanitation — assessing and managing working environment risks
  • Occupational medicine — monitoring employee health
  • Health culture — encouraging employees to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Every day, workers at all of Polyus’ business units undergo pre-shift and pre-trip medical examinations in special automated modules. Within a few minutes, these modules are able to check a dozen different indicators to determine the employee’s general condition and fitness for work.

    We undertake a number of initiatives across our business units on a regular basis, including:

    • Awareness campaigns to prevent the risk of strokes and heart attacks
    • Basic first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training
    • Vaccinations for flu and tick-borne encephalitis
    • Initiatives to reduce the risk of occupational illness, including providing vouchers for health resorts and treatment centres