Health and safety

Safety and Emergency response

Gold mining involves working in potentially hazardous environments.

Polyus works to minimize the risk factors at every stage of the production cycle, starting from the design and construction. We also closely monitor the equipment and machines operating in our pits and ensure that the appropriate maintenance and repair works are carried out on a timely basis. Industrial safety audits are conducted regularly at potentially hazardous production facilities.

We are committed to preventing and minimizing the risks associated with industrial and natural disasters. The scale of damage following a potential incident depends directly on how quickly decisions are made and whether the correct measures are taken. Therefore, Polyus drafts Action plans on accident damage control and recovery every year.

We also regularly conduct emergency drills to improve response processes and behaviour in emergency situations. These drills also involve the participation of public emergency and rescue services.

Polyus also has separate wildfire prevention plans which are practiced on a regular basis.