Our People

Social Support

Polyus is continuously working to improve its corporate remuneration system and closely monitors industry average salaries and regional average salaries in the regions where the company operates.

Polyus’ remuneration system is based on employee grades. In addition to the base salary, remuneration also includes a bonus, which is linked to target KPIs.

Polyus aims to offer attractive employment benefits. In addition to our remuneration and bonus system, we offer meal allowances and compensate travel to the place of work, as well as life insurance, health improvement programs and financial aid. Employees of all our business units also receive health insurance cover.

Polyus’ shift camps offer modern and comfortable accommodation, canteens and sport facilities.

We also run a number of original initiatives to encourage employees to socialise outside of their day-to-day work environment, including corporate volunteering programs, professional skills competitions and in-house Olympics.