Our People

Training and Development

Polyus actively invests in training its employees and developing their professional and leadership skills.

The corporate training system reflects both the needs of individual employees and the company’s demand for new skills. Its key elements are:

  • Polyus’ Corporate University which offers multiple opportunities for professional development and career growth, including distance learning opportunities.
  • Polyus Knowledge («Полюс знаний»): a corporate programme focused on continuously developing managerial and business skills and which builds networks between employees across the company.
  • HSE training programs: please see Health and Safety.

One of the key components of Polyus’ human resources management system is the development of a corporate talent pool. The company identifies and trains its most promising employees to ensure there is a strong pipeline of internal candidates to fill management positions as they become vacant. Participating in the talent pool programmes enables employees to efficiently plan their future careers. We believe this career path transparency makes Polyus an attractive employer for high-end professionals.

Polyus currently runs two talent pool programmes:

  • Gold Reserve («Золотой запас»): a programme to identify and deploy the potential of talented personnel
  • Golden Standard («Золотой стандарт»): a career and succession planning programme for line managers.