1) How can I confirm that I am a shareholder of PJSC Polyus and specify the amount of my shares?

You should approach JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.”, which is the registrar of PJSC Polyus and would issue an extract from the shareholder register for you.

JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.”
Address: 18 bldg. 13, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107076
Phone: 7 (495) 780-73-63
7 (495) 780-73-67

2) How can I reregister shares in my favor under the procedure of inheritance?

If you have any questions regarding the right of possessing and disposing PJSC Polyus shares, please inquire with JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.” at the abovementioned address.

3) Where can I get the information on the market price of PJSC Polyus shares?

All the information on trading PJSC Polyus shares (under PLZL ticker) on the Moscow Exchange is available on moex.com website.

4) Where can I locate PJSC Polyus’s quarterly reports?

PJSC Polyus quarterly reports could be downloaded from our website

5) Whom should I contact in order to ask questions regarding dividend payments?

For all information on dividend payments, please contact JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.” at the abovementioned address. The statement of the dividends paid is on our website, Dividends section.

6) How many of PJSC Polyus ordinary shares account for an American Depositary Receipt (ADR)?

The swap ratio is 1:2 meaning one ordinary share accounts for 2 ADRs.