PJSC Polyus’s registrar is JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.”. The registrar provides a full scope of services to the Company’s shareholders.

JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.”
Address: 18 bldg. 13, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107996
Tel: 7 (495) 780-73-63
Fax: 7 (495) 780-73-67

Dear shareholder,
You can sign in to your PJSC Polyus shareholder’s personal account by visiting or in the Shareholder Online (Акционер.online) app for iPhone and Android devices.

To install the app, open App Store in your iPhone or Play Market in your Android device and enter “Shareholder online” (Акционер онлайн) in the search box. Select ""(Акционер.online) by IRC — R.O.S.T. Group and press the Download button.

You need a login and a password to sign in to your personal account or to the app.

Individuals may get the login and password as follows:

  • With their validated personal account at the Public Services Portal (Gosuslugi) when registering at the personal account page ( To do this, please click “Continue with Public Services Portal (Gosuslugi)” on the start page of the Shareholder’s personal account and log in following the instructions of the service portal. To register, you need to enter your Public Services Portal (Gosuslugi) login and password and to agree to export of information from the Public Services Portal (Gosuslugi) to the Shareholder’s personal account.
  • By contacting the office of JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.”.

Legal entities may get their login and password by contacting the office of JSC “IRC — R.O.S.T.”.

You are welcome to contact the Registrar with any questions on the personal account or the mobile app (Phone 7 (495) 780-73-63, E-mail